BMW od Ironwood Custom Motorcycles

Dzisiaj, jako inspiracja dla projektów, custom na bazie BMW zbudowany przez Ironwood Custom Motorcycles.


IWC Motorcycles is an Amsterdam-based custom garage founded by Arjan van den Boom & Partner in 2012. Together we customize, conceptualize & realize motorcycles to one-of- a-kind vintage machines, piece by piece! Let’s start first with; we are crazy about bikes, pretty much all of them as noticed on first glance but our hearts will skip a beat when seeing properly manufactured cafe racers around the globe. The actual journey of taking on the build, tear down the bikes to its bare bones and rebuild them from the ground up provides us that all-time high.

Piękna linia motocykla! Popatrzcie też na detale!

We achieve to deliver a work of art on every vintage machine, turning scrappy metal into gold


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